You all might feel a little overwhelmed or even uncomfortable when you need or have to go somewhere and all you have is yourself. Most of you wouldn’t want to go out at all if you don’t have anyone to accompany you to a café or bar just to enjoy some coffee or beer. And probably many of you think it’s weird to watch movies alone, at least many Indonesians do.

But I don’t.

I think that whenever I see someone going out to the mall, shopping or drinking alone, they are very comfortable in their own skin. They’re confident. They don’t need other people to entertain them or to make them feel better. They’re alone but they don’t feel lonely. I’m one of them. I can go out every single day probably until midnight alone. Because I feel so comfortable with myself. I want to enjoy myself without having to entertain anyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an anti-social loner. I go out with a bunch friends. I hang out and watch movies and drink with them, too. I go out with friends a lot. I love having them around, especially genuine friends who love talking about life and not unnecessary things like other people’s faults and bad sides. If I do say so myself, I choose friends who have higher values than just gossipping other people for their own happiness.

I think it’s important for us to be comfortable in our own skin. Not that I want everyone to walk out the house alone every single time. Though I wish I can stop listening to people saying, “I’m scared of going out alone.” or “Why do I have to go by myself when I have a lot of friends?” especially this statement, “I don’t want to walk around alone and making other people think I’m a freak.”

That’s just being judgmental. You go out for your own liking, not others’. And if you think people who go out alone are so-called ‘freaks’, then you’re very close-minded and self-absorbed. People who are like that are mostly meander about themselves. They’re not confident. Or they can’t get it through their heads, since people hate what they don’t understand.

So, don’t be afraid to walk out that door with only yourself because I am telling you now, that you live your life only for yourself, not others. No matter if you bump into those popular kids who would laugh seeing you all by yourself thinking you’re friendless, just think of how different you are compared to them, because you have higher values about yourself and they don’t. Being popular is not about having so many friends to follow you like robots, but it’s being who you really are without doubting yourself and doing your absolute best to keep your life moving forward. And for a bonus, you get friends.

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