“Kulari ke hutan kemudian menyanyiku

Kulari ke pantai kemudian teriakku

Sepi…sepi, sendiri. Aku benci

Ingin bingar, aku mau di pasar

Bosan aku dengan penat dan enyah saja kau pekat

Seperti berjelaga jika kusendiri

Pecahkan saja gelasnya biar ramai

Biar mengaduh sampai gaduh

Ada malaikat yang menyulam jaring laba-laba belang di tembok keraton putih

Kenapa tidak kau goyangkan saja loncengnya?

Atau aku harus lari ke hutan

Belok ke pantai?”

– Rako Prijanto


Has any one of you heard of this beautiful poem? Did the depth of it make you want to read it again and again and push you to memorize every single word? Because it did to me. I’ll tell you the meaning of the literature behind it. For those of you who do not understand my language (Bahasa Indonesia), Literature is “Karya Sastra”. In this Literary composition, it tells about someone who is in deep dread, boredom, and despair of being alone. This someone simply wants someone else to be around for them.

This is absolutely one of my favorite “Karya-karya Sastra” that I heard being read in a famous Indonesian movie called Ada Apa Dengan Cinta ? (What’s Up with Love?). I loved that movie because it actually taught me how to use proper Bahasa when writing an Indonesian novel or essay. There were 3 “Karya-karya Sastra” in total, and all 3 of them were wonderful. What I like most about all the “Karya-karya Sastra” is their complicated use of words and meaning in every line.

Now, I’m not only going to tell you about “Karya-karya Sastra”, but I am also going to tell you about my beloved country, Indonesia.

First of all, I have bumped into so many people who think Indonesia is India. So allow me to straighten it for you. No, we are not from India. Although we are both from Asia, we are not of the same country or city or town. Indonesia is a Southeast Asian nation that has varieties of different religion, ethnic groups, and culture.


What I like about Indonesia is their, of course, “Karya Sastra”, their unique foods, and their nature. Honestly, I think those are the only things I like about Indonesia because our “Karya-karya Sastra” have depth, meaning, & use plenty of complicated grammars, their food are amazing, spicy, raw, & incomprehensible, and our nature is absolutely remarkable. Most people only know of Bali when it comes to Indonesia, or Jakarta. But honestly, people, you have missed a lot more than you think. Yes, I admit. Bali is a wonderful place to vacation in. But you should definitely see Wakatobi Island, Sumba Island, and oh, definitely Raja Ampat Island. If you want to see the beautiful nature in Indonesia, go to those places. Oh, and Papua New Guinea is amazing, too. Although Papua is not part of Indonesia anymore, it is pretty rad. If you’d like to have delicious, cheap, & Traditional cuisines, you should go to Jogjakarta. For some reason, I think Jogjakarta is the best city for you food-bloggers out there. Indonesia is filled with immense uniqueness and there is so much more to Indonesia than what has been going on the news lately.

I know there are a lot of corruptors in my country. Heck, there are too many that we are called the no. 1 corruptors in the world. Corruption comes in different shapes and sizes. But no matter what your reason is, whether it is to help other people or to help yourselves, it is not right. Everybody knows that corruption is not right, but who is to blame that you get more than what you deserve from it? You certainly can’t get away from ‘more’. Although it seems absolutely hard to get the government and a few citizens of Indonesia to stop corrupting, it is not impossible.

Where I live, Jakarta, Indonesia is a fascinating modern city. Jakarta is absolutely wonderful. I love Jakarta. There are a lot of events, malls, good schools, good people, and good jobs here. Jakarta is filled with socialites and mayhem. And although huge malls and good schools are scattered everywhere in Jakarta, there, too are poor people begging on the streets, pleading in some money. Poverty holds a huge amount in Indonesia. There are approximately 261,000,000 people in Indonesia and 11,2% of them in 2015 were poor. And even until now it is still increasing.

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